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Privacy Statement Lamepro
Lamepro is active in the marketing, sales and distribution of pharmaceutical products in the Benelux and in the UK. For our services we work with other organizations/companies and therefore with personal data. We think it is of great importance that we handle data carefully. Personal data are carefully processed and secured by Lamepro. We comply with the privacy legislation. 
Use of personal data
Lamepro processes personal data (data that can be traced back to a natural person) such as:
- name, address, contact details, date of birth, gender, nationality and marital status;
- financial data (bank account number).
We do not process special or criminal personal data.
We will only process the data necessary for our services. If certain information is not provided, this may mean that it will not be possible to provide the requested services.
When information about third parties is provided to us (partner, children, co-insured persons or personal details in case of emergency situations) we assume that they will be informed about the processing of their data by Lamepro and this privacy statement.
The information can be stored on both internal and external systems (such as customer relationship management applications). Only the Lamepro employees that need to work with this information have access to these systems. Others do not. Personal data may only be used for providing the services of Lamepro.
The principles we use for processing personal data
The data processing is necessary for the execution of an agreement.
We process data on the basis of permission when we process personal data in combination with, for example, an application for brochure material.
  You are always free to withhold or withdraw permission.
The data processing is necessary for the fulfillment of a legal obligation.
Third parties
We engage third parties in case of outsourcing of activities (payrolling, insurances etc). This work will be carried out under the responsibility of Lamepro in accordance with our security standards and instructions.
Through direct marketing we approach relations for services and products that, in our opinion, may be of interest to them. For this we use a list of addresses and contact persons that is acquired from a third party. The persons approached have indicated their consent in advance. The third party is mentioned under every letter and by means of a disclaimer the recipient has the possibility to unsubscribe from the list.
Relations have the following rights regarding the data we process about them:
the right to inspect the processing of their personal data by Lamepro;
the right to have these data corrected or removed;
the right to oppose to the use of data for marketing purposes;
the right to request us to transfer data to another party.
If we are unable to follow up on a request, the person will be informed accordingly.
To execute these rights and to obtain further information about this Privacy Statement it is possible to contact Lamepro by sending an e-mail to lamepro@lamepro.nl.
Lamepro keeps data for as long as necessary for the purpose of providing their services. Lamepro must also retain data in view of the duty of care, the evidence position and to comply with legislation and regulations. Lamepro will delete the data after the retention periods have expired.
This privacy statement is not an agreement. As soon as we make changes, the date of change will be indicated. We will inform you about changes by publishing the revised privacy statement on our website, after which it will take effect immediately.
This privacy statement was renewed on May 17, 2018.